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Learn the basics about High-Speed Internet with this Helpful Guide


AT&T Overview and History

Get a brief overview and history of AT&T services. Find out how AT&T became a leading provider of high-speed Internet, local and long distance phone service, AT&T Wireless Plans, and U-verse TV service.

AT&T Internet

Besides the old DSL Internet service, AT&T offers High Speed Internet which comes in a form of several packages with ultra high speed connections up to 24 Mbps for downloads.

Advantages of AT&T Digital Phone Service

Learn how VoIP phone service works and discover the advantages of this service. Compare VoIP phone service to regular phone service and find out if VoIP is right for you. Also, discover the benefits of AT&T Phone service and find out why AT&T is a leading provider of digital phone service.

AT&T Wi-Fi

AT&T offers wireless Internet connection service called AT&T Wi-Fi. This service can be purchased as a standalone or as a part of other service. It also comes as a free inclusion into the AT&T High Speed Internet service. It is available through many of AT&T's Wi-Fi Hot Spots, nationwide.

Digital Subscriber Line (AT&T DSL) Internet

Learn the basics about Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet service, including how it works and the various types of DSL available. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of DSL Internet.

AT&T High-Speed Internet Service Bundles

Get the information you need about high-speed Internet service bundles for your business. Find out how to choose the right high-speed Internet bundle depending on the needs of your business.

High-Speed Internet Uploading and Downloading

Learn the basics about uploading and downloading with an AT&T High-speed internet service. Get the information you need regarding uploading and downloading speeds before you purchase a high-speed Internet plan.

Various Types of Internet Service

Get information about the various types of high-speed Internet service that are available. Learn about cable Internet, Wireless AT&T High Speed Internet and other types of Internet service with this helpful guide.

Wireless Internet

Discover the origination of wireless high speed Internet. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of wireless Internet. Find out why AT&T Internet is one of the leading Internet services.

Benefits of AT&T Small Business Internet Service

Find out why AT&T Small Business Internet Service is the leading Internet service provider for businesses. Learn the basics of small business Internet service and how to choose a small business Internet plan.