AT&T Local Home Phone Service

AT&T Local Phone Service Benefits and Features

AT&T recognizes the variety that comes with the phone calls you make. That's why this telecommunications giant works hard to come up with great AT&T phone service plans to suit your local calling needs.

A Glance at Local AT&T Phone Service Plans

Basic local AT&T local phone service offers a flat rate for all of your local calls. This package includes additional phone features, such as Call Waiting, so that you can receive calls even when you are using your phone. The Call Forwarding feature allows you to forward your calls to another number in case you are out of the house. Caller ID is also included with your local AT&T Phone Service plan so that you know who is calling.


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Another convenient feature of AT&T local phone service is that you don't need to change your number if you switch from another carrier. Gone are the days of having to inform everyone about your new phone number. Now you can use your existing number and enjoy all of the features that AT&T offers.


When you choose AT&T Local Phone Service, you have the option to upgrade to additional services, such as Three-Way Calling. Three-Way Calling allows you to talk to two people at the same time using just one phone line. Additional features that are available when you choose AT&T Phone Service include Auto Redial, Call Return, Call Waiting ID, Call Blocker, and AT&T Privacy Manager.


If flat-rate local AT&T home phone service plans do not provide all of the features you are looking for, consider AT&T Local Toll Service. Local toll calls are calls you make within your state or area. They're also known as local AT&T long distance calls, or in-state AT&T long distance calls. Local toll calls usually appear on your local phone bill, and the call actually involves more distances than normal local calls. They can include calls you make to another county or across your town.


If you make frequent local toll calls, AT&T has the perfect package for you! AT&T's Local Toll Service gives you a lower per-minute rate on all local toll calls that you make from your home phone. If you currently have any of the following phone service plans, however, you don't need AT&T Local Toll Service: AT&T One Rate Savings, AT&T Reach Out, AT&T One Rate Online International, AT&T Selectsaver, or AT&T Monthly minutes.


Aside from basic local service and local toll service, AT&T has come up with a plan for low-income households. This home phone package from AT&T is limited to AT&T California users only, and is supported by California LifeLine. This is AT&T's way of giving everyone the opportunity to stay connected.


The cost of California LifeLine local phone service is half of the basic residential AT&T home phone service. The California LifeLine Flat Rate plan provides unlimited local calling and costs $5.34 per month, with a $10.00 one-time connection fee for new users. The Measure Rate plan is perfect for low-income households that make less than 3 local calls per day, because the plan provides 60 untimed local calls per month for just $2.85. Additional untimed calls cost eight cents each when the 60-call limit is exceeded.


Even people residing in tribal lands have access to phone calls now, thanks to the Tribal Lands LifeLine plan, which costs $1.00 per month, plus a one-time connection fee of $10.00. This plan gives households unlimited local calls per month.


Wherever you are and whatever you phone service needs may be, there's an AT&T phone service plan for you! If you're looking for Internet based phone service with all of the benefits and features of local phone service, consider AT&T Digital Phone Services. This AT&T Phone Service is convenient and affordable. Be sure to also check out AT&T Wireless plans, as well. Choose from the highest quality AT&T cell phones and services available.