Mozilla Firefox

What Makes Mozilla Firefox So Appealing?

Mozilla Firefox is a “free, cross-platform, open-source, graphical web browser that was developed by the Mozilla Corporation along with hundreds of independent contributors.” Actually, the browser was just part of Mozilla Suite, a plethora of various applications. Due to its popularity, however, it has become the company’s priority in terms of development.

The Deal with Mozilla Firefox

Simply put, Mozilla Firefox is a kind of web browser. This is a tool for viewing websites on the Internet. It provides support to different versions of popular computer operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android). Mozilla Firefox source code is freely available based on the Mozilla tri-license terms classifying it as a free and open source program software.

Before Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla came into the picture, various web browsers were battling for supremacy. For years, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser enjoyed a monopoly in the web browser market, which lasted mostly unchallenged until Firefox entered the scene. Now, IE is forced to share a huge chunk of the market with Mozilla.

So what exactly makes Mozilla Firefox so appealing over other web browsers? Below are just some of its many upsides:

  • Mozilla features tabbed browsing. Although most browsers have been updated to include tabbed browsing, Mozilla Firefox was the first browser to include this feature. It allows users to display several sites on a single window by using multiple tabs. This is especially useful for people who want to maximize their Internet surfing time since they wouldn't have to open 10 windows just to view different websites.
  • Mozilla Firefox features a search bar that allows users to search many different search engines, all with a click of the mouse button. This particular browser also aids in doing spell-checks, a vital part of blogging, and has online form-filling support.
  • The Mozilla browser comes with a built-in download manager, which lets people stop, pause and/or resume downloading processes as and whenever they like.
  • There is extensive page control in Mozilla. Users can block pop-ups, adverts and images. They can even toggle with the color and font type of websites viewed.
  • Mozilla Firefox boasts of Internet security that few web browsers can top. Its competition has been continually attacked by a variety of security threats like adware and spyware. Mozilla blocks such harmful installations and is less vulnerable to PC security breaches. This is so because Mozilla employs an entirely different security technique. It doesn't rely on digital signatures or security zones.

Perhaps the only downside of the Firefox download is that some websites are still not set up to accept this browser. But these are mostly small sites so it's not really a major issue. Only about one percent of websites are affected by this problem.

The Mozilla Firefox browser is identified as a completely open source project. This lets coders work the code and add new plug-ins, extensions, bug fixers and other features that might fit client requirements. The Mozilla browser even allows for customization. People can use the various themes available to customize Mozilla. As for high-level security on the Internet along with the features mentioned above, few come close to what Mozilla Firefox can offer.

Firefox has been through many updates since its release in 2004. The latest release is Firefox version 36. Based on the recent speedy major releases, Firefox version 37 may be just around the corner.

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