Internet Technology

A Guide to Internet Technology Related Topics

Whether you’re looking for information to keep your computer safe from viruses or if you just want to learn the purpose of an Internet browser – you’ve come to the right place. Select from the categories below to get helpful information about AT&T High-speed DSL security, Internet browsers, and common Internet terminology. You will also find out how AT&T helps protect your computer from Internet threats when you choose AT&T High-speed DSL service.

Internet Security

Learn the basics of Internet Security with this helpful guide. Internet security software is provided with each AT&T High Speed Internet package to protect your computer against Internet threats. Find out how AT&T’s All-in-One Protection Suite protects your computer against viruses, malware, and spam. No other Internet provider offers such a wide range of security features as AT&T High-speed DSL service.

Internet Browsers

Outdated Internet browser software leaves your computer vulnerable to identity theft and viruses. Get tips to keep your Internet browser up-to-date and functioning properly. When you choose AT&T your ISP provider, you will receive firewall software to protect your Internet browser and to keep computer hackers from accessing your information.


AT&T U-verse High-Speed Internet

AT&T Gigabit Internet

download speed up to 1 Gbps (one Gigabit)!

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Glossary of Internet-Related Terms

Check here for a list of Internet-related terms. Whether you’re looking for the definition of Search Engine or Plug-in, you will find it in our glossary of common Internet terms.