What is DIRECTV?

How DIRECTV Works, and What It Provides

Many people search for the very best television provider and are left frustrated and overwhelmed with their cable television services. In short, DIRECTV is an alternative solution that can provide a far better quality and service to customers. Before selecting this product, consumers should know what it is, how it works, and what features and benefits it can offer to them.

How Does It Work?


DIRECTV uses a satellite type of technology that provides consumers with digital television. It is one of the world's largest providers of digital entertainment. It also provides premium video using the most innovative and latest developed technology. The company serves more than 37 million people in the United States and in Latin America.
The company's service is based off the use of broadcast satellite. It transmits digital satellite television and audio into the homes of its consumers. All of the access to the large number of programming options comes through satellite transmissions. While the services are often considered similar to that of subscription TV services, satellite radio services, broadcast TV networks, and private video services, the use of this company's technology makes it an advanced provider. Those that subscribe to the service have access not to just dozens of channels, but rather hundreds of channels. This includes a tremendous number of HD channels as well.
The company uses a set of equipment including a satellite dish, a receiver and decoder, as well as a DIRECTV access card. This is significantly different from cable providers who use networks of cables to provide the services offered.

What Will You Receive From DIRECTV?

Individuals who want access to the numerous unique channels and reliable service that this company offers will purchase a subscription to the service. Numerous options exist and these do change from time to time. Subscriptions provide users with access to the company's programming for a fee paid each month. Additionally, users pay, in most cases, for a protection plan to protect the company's dishes and other equipment, such as DVRs and receivers, from damage.
DIRECTV Channels With DIRECTV, users have access to most of the cable and broadcast television channels they desire, but they also have access to premium channels and those not readily available in most cable locations. That's because these dishes can pick up channels from much further away and even provide consumers with international viewing opportunities that cable companies do not.
It is not possible to access DIRECTV's services and channel line-up until a subscription is in place. That is because the company's programming first is transmitted to the company's broadcast centers located in Colorado and California. It is then digitized to improve picture quality and then compressed prior to sending it out to users.

What Makes DIRECTV a Standout Option for Consumers?

In short, DIRECTV is an excellent solution for accessing TV viewing at a higher quality and higher level than traditional broadcast and cable TV. For these reasons, the company continues to offer its services and expand its product line to offer more channels, more unique products, and video streaming services.