DIRECTV Features

DIRECTV Everywhere, DIRECTV Cinema, Whole-Home DVR

DIRECTV is a leading provider of satellite TV, with the option to bundle it with AT&T U-verse Internet service and digital voice, and AT&T wireless services. The company is one of the leading providers in this industry because it offers some of the most innovative and effective products and features to ensure consumers have access to what they need and want. The company is known for its highly competitive features because these allow DIRECTV to compete with other providers including those that offer higher prices and fewer benefits. Below are some of the company's most important current features, though not all will be available in all areas:

DIRECTV EverywhereDIRECTV Everywhere – This feature allows users to view what they want to view on any screen they choose to use. As long as it has Internet connectivity, it is possible to watch movies, shows on On Demand, and even live TV. It is also possible to watch previously recorded DVR shows like this. Watch On Demand no matter where you are or stream live TV to your tablet or anywhere else there is a WiFi connection.

DIRECTV Cinema – For movie lovers, this is one of the best features. It provides users with access - instantly - through Pay Per View releases to many of the movies they want to see. Titles refresh every month before they hit other services such as Redbox or Netflix. Additionally, views have access to 1080p HD quality. They can watch these movies on laptops, cell phones, TVs, or tablets.

DIRECTV Whole-Home DVRWhole-Home DVR – With Whole-Home DVR, users are able to watch their HD DVR service on any TV in the home. The TV you schedule the recordings on is not the only TV that provides you with access to those shows, like other DVR systems provide.

DIRECTV On DemandOn Demand – DIRECTV On Demand provides users with ample access to the shows and movies they want to see when they want to see it. There are thousands of TV shows, big screen movies, and much more. It is possible to watch shows that aired in the previous 72 hours as well, in case you forget to set your DVR to record them previously. It is available through any Internet connected device.

Additional Features Available

DIRECTV offers many advanced features. These may include the following:

  • TV apps – These allow users to watch TV or gain access to content through third party apps. Popular options include Weather Channel or NFL network.
  • Mix Channels – This feature allows users to watch up to eight channels on one channel. This is ideal for sports lovers or those who want to watch multiple events at one time.
  • Sports – Through its Genie HD DVR, the Company offers numerous sports options. You can even pick your favorite teams and sporting events, and find them all in one convenient location.

The company continues to add and change the features they offer to meet with consumer needs. Consumers can also choose from a wide range of additional services through packages that include digital voice and U-verse Internet connectivity, as well as AT&T Wireless service. The assortment of features makes DIRECTV a streamlined, simple solution for all TV watching needs in nearly all homes.