DIRECTV Equipment

DIRECTV Genie®, HD DVR Receivers, Remotes, GenieGO™

DIRECTV equipment is available for the various services the company offers. The company, which serves customers in all states in the US, in Latin America, and Caribbeans offers a wide range of services that may differ from one area to the next. The availability of any of its products depends on the subscription offerings available locally. However, with a wide range of services including high quality satellite TV, joined with the AT&T's high speed Internet, digital voice, and wireless, the company's equipment range is significant.

DIRECTV Receivers

A key component of any DIRECTV service is a DVR receiver. This brings in and decodes the company's satellite access. DIRECTV has numerous receivers in play. These are often upgraded and changed out as services change. Here is a look at some of the receivers they use or have used:


DIRECTV Genie HD DVRThe Company’s latest product and one of the most up to date and innovative tools, Genie provides for 4K programming on 4K TVs. It allows for wireless connectivity of up to 8 TVs to a single DVR located inside and outside of the home. It allows for recording and watching programming, has RVU technology built into it to allow it to work with Smart TVs for HD DVR experience, and allows for the recording of up to 5 HD channels at one time. DIRECTV Genie comes with the Picture-in-Picture feature so 2 channels can be watched at once.

Genie Lite

DIRECTV Genie Lite HD ReceiverDIRECTV Genie Lite is an HD receiver without the recording capability (non-DVR) and 4K TV programming support. Recording option can be added though, by using Genie Lite HD DVR Kit which is DIRECTV-prepared external hard drive. In addition, this receiver has a built-in DIRECTV CINEMA™ Connection Kit (Wireless) which enables it for self-connection to a Wi-Fi network at your home and the Internet. Genie Lite supports DIRECTV Ready TVs and Genie Minis.


DIRECTV HD DVR ReceiverThis stepped down version provides recording and watching benefits, HD resolutions up to 1080p, and allows you to restart shows you watch in real time. It also allows for recording, pausing and rewind.


DIRECTV TiVo HD DVR ReceiverThe Company’s TiVo receivers provide for up to 1080p resolutions, allow you to record, pause and rewind TV in real time, allow you to monitor children's programming, and allow you to search for what you are looking for.


DIRECTV Standard HD ReceiverThe standard DVR option gives users the ability to record, pause and rewind live TV, schedule recordings on most devices, and watch On Demand shows through Internet connectivity.


When about remotes, DIRECTV makes it simple. Only two main types of remotes are available: Genie® and Universal Remote. They both come in two versions.

DIRECTV Genie Remote ControlGenie® Remote comes with and without Backlit option. They both feature ergonomic design, not too many buttons, fast response time, and they use both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technology. RF technology does not require that the remote is pointed to a DVR or TV device like IR does. Genie Remote is compatible with Genie® (model HR44 or above), Genie® Lite (model H44 or above), Genie® Mini (model C41 or above), 4K Genie® Mini (model C61K or above), and Wireless Genie® Mini (model C41W or above). It is also compatible with all DIRECTV receivers and DIRECTV Ready TVs in IR mode.


DIRECTV Universal Remote ControlUniversal Remote also comes in two versions: Standard Universal Remote and Universal RF Remote. They both carry IR capability, while only the later one is RF capable as well (no pointing). They both control up to 4 components, including DIRECTV receiver, TV, DVD player, VCR. They are memory protected so you can replace batteries without re-programming. RF model features backlit buttons so you can see them better in the dark.


DIRECTV equipment is some of the most advanced available. The company also offers additional features through its Genie receiver. This includes the ability to set the DVR from any location including a phone, tablet, laptop or other device with Internet connectivity. The HD quality is exceptional. The company's HD offerings include over 190 full time channels. DIRECTV Cinema is also a nice benefit because of its 1080p resolution. Users also have access to Pandora radio, various TV apps, NFL fantasy league access and much more.

In addition to the DIRECTV equipment listed here, the company also offers Genie GO service and Connect to the Internet options. The services and the equipment available in any area can differ from another area due to the amount and type of connectivity possible. However, the company's numerous features and modern, up to date equipment ensures that users can watch, record, and view TV in their own way and at their own time. Equipment upgrades continue to happen, too, ensuring users always have the best access to their programming.