Save with DIRECTV TV, Internet, Phone, and Wireless Bundles

DIRECTV bundles give subscribers access to the content and TV services they want and need. DIRECTV is a satellite TV service, but AT&T also offers a wide range of other services to consumers. These range from various TV packages that lump in additional features and programming to bundles with other services including wireless phones, home phones, and Internet access. What the consumer desires is usually able to be packaged into a bundle. Bundles save money overall, making them an attractive way to give views the TV viewing they want.

DIRECTV and Internet

Bundle DIRECTV + InternetOne of the ways users can bundle the services they need is to select DIRECTV and U-verse Internet. This service provides users with access to 315+ channels (this can vary) as well as high speed Internet access. This service is provided as a flat monthly fee. Users will gain access to AT&T's Internet connectivity through U-verse. This package is a good option for those who want to be able to stream video, watch movies, have ample TV options, and meet all of their entertainment options.

DIRECTV, Internet and Home Phone

Bundle DIRECTV + Internet + Home PhoneAnother way to bundle services is to add home phone service to your DIRECTV and high speed Internet package. Home phone service provides local and nationwide calling for a flat fee included with your DIRECTV package and high speed Internet. Users get the same level of speed and channels, but also the benefit of home phone service. International calling option is available as well.

DIRECTV and Wireless

Bundle DIRECTV + Wireless PhoneIt is also possible to purchase a bundled package that will include AT&T Wireless along with your DIRECTV and other AT&T services like Internet and/or home phone. Users can choose the phone and the amount of wireless features they need with numerous options available. This service varies in costs and availability based on location.


Sometimes, people confuse bundles and packages. It is good to know that a bundle is when two or more services are “bundled” together, that is, two or more services are ordered together from a single service provider. For example, a bundle is, as shown above, TV service plus Internet service.
A package, at least when about DIRECTV, is just the TV programming package, like SELECT™ or ENTERTAINMENT package. To learn more, visit our DIRECTV Packages page.