AT&T Long Distance Phone Service

AT&T Long Distance Phone Plans – Call Even When You’re Far Away

AT&T offers various long distance phone plans for those who make long distance calls on a regular basis. Save money by switching to AT&T long distance phone service. Listed below are popular AT&T's long distance phone plans packages:

AT&T U-verse Phone Service

AT&T U-verse Voice digital home phone delivers extraordinary value, dynamic voicemail, and powerful features that put you in control. When combined with AT&T U-verse Service and AT&T U-verse Internet service, you get all of these features on one convenient bill.


Learn more about AT&T U-verse Services.

AT&T Unlimited Plus Plan

The AT&T Unlimited Plus Plan gives you unlimited state-to-state, in-state, and local toll calls. That’s 24/7 unlimited calling anywhere in the United States for only $25.00 per month.


This plan allows you to choose your payment options, which includes AT&T Online Billing. Should you already have an existing AT&T long distance phone plan, you don't need to worry about canceling your current plan when you decide to switch to the Unlimited Plus Plan. AT&T will automatically make the necessary changes to your account upon your application.


For those who do not currently have long distance AT&T phone service, you can apply simply by filling out a Letter of Agency online. This letter allows AT&T to update your long distance service. For California customers, you must call AT&T at 1-888-928-8932 in order to complete your online order.

AT&T One Rate

When you sign up for One Rate AT&T long distance phone service, all state-to-state, in-state long distance, and local toll calls made from your AT&T home phone cost just 5 cents/minute. This plan costs a mere $4.00 per month, and you even get to choose your payment option.


AT&T’s One Rate plan is available to all new and existing AT&T long distance phone service customers. Existing AT&T long distance users no longer need to change their existing plan if they decide to subscribe to One Rate. AT&T is responsible for making the necessary changes on your plan in order to make the transition more convenient.


For non-AT&T subscribers who are interested in signing up for the One Rate plan, you must first complete an online Letter of Agency to allow AT&T to change your long distance carrier. California and clients must call 1-888-928-8932 in order to complete their online order form.


Please note that this plan may have additional costs, such as a Universal Connectivity Charge and in-state Connection Fees in certain states. Other additional charges include, but are not limited to, Carrier Cost Recovery Fee. Local toll calls require that you subscribe to AT&T Local Toll Service. You will be prompted to sign up for this service when you submit your application online.


If you're looking for Internet phone service with all of the benefits and features of long distance phone service, consider AT&T VoIP. VoIP Internet phone service from AT&T is convenient and affordable.


AT&T offers three long distance plans to suit your various needs. Whichever phone plan you choose, you will save more money in the long run and enjoy the highest-quality phone service available.

International Long Distance

AT&T International Long Distance service requires AT&T Domestic Long Distance Service. At this moment there are five different long distance plans offered:

  • AT&T Worldwide Occasional Calling
  • AT&T Worldwide Value Calling
  • AT&T Unlimited Canada Calling Plus
  • AT&T AsiaSaver 60 Plus Philippines
  • AT&T India 60 Plus