The Various Types of High-Speed Internet Service

Discover the Benefits of Each Type of High-Speed Internet Service

High-Speed Internet - Connecting quickly to the World Wide Web

Today's information age has made high-speed Internet a necessity. There are various types of high-speed Internet connections to choose from, and each type of high-speed Internet suits different needs. Below is a guide to the various types of high-speed Internet services available and the advantages of each type of service.


What is DSL?

DSL, or digital subscriber line, high-speed Internet is one of the most common connections available today. If you live in a modern area with plenty of infrastructure, getting a DSL connection will be a breeze.

Similar to a dial-up connection, DSL requires a phone line to connect to the Internet. The difference is that you can still use your phone while online; because of this, DSL is great for people who need access to their telephone while online.

DSL is also great for downloading streaming media because of its incredible speed. It's also one of the more affordable types of high-speed connections.


What is Cable Internet?

Cable Internet also provides a high-speed connection and allows you 24/7 connectivity. Unlike DSL connections, which require that you turn on a modem to be connected, cable Internet is always connected. This type of Internet is perfect for people who need to download large amounts of information or media to their computer, or for those who enjoy Internet TV. Cable Internet is also perfect for people who do not like waiting to connect to the Internet.


What is Wireless AT&T Internet?

Wireless AT&T High Speed Internet delivers almost the same connection speeds as DSL and cable, but the advantage of this high-speed Internet connection is that you can connect without physically hooking up your computer or laptop.

AT&T Wireless Internet is perfect for people on the go who need to stay connected. People who travel frequently for business can make use of this great technology to send and receive work-related documents. Travelers will also find AT&T Wireless Internet technology a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, via email or Instant Messenger.


AT&T High-speed Internet & Internet TV

No matter which type of high-speed Internet connection you have, you will want to get the most out of it. AT&T High-speed Internet gives you faster access to websites and allows you to download and upload files much faster than yesterday's dial-up connection. You can also watch videos, listen to music, and enjoy multimedia entertainment, such as Internet based TV, because of the great speed AT&T High Speed Internet affords.

No matter what type of lifestyle you lead, there is a suitable high-speed Internet connection for you. Get in touch with a local Internet service provider after determining your Internet needs and budget to see which package is best for you and your family. Check the latest AT&T Internet Plans and select what fits your budget and speed needs the best.