AT&T Wi-Fi Service

An Overview of AT&T Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi (pronounced /ˈwaɪfaɪ/) name reminds onto Wireless Fidelity although it has been said that Wi-Fi never aimed to mean anything but only to be a “catchy” name for a cool service.
And it is – both the name and the service – they’re becoming more and more ordinary among many people – from travelers and students to Starbuckers and cheap neighbors. ;)

AT&T Wi-Fi

AT&T has come up with its wireless Internet service in a very convenient and even fashionable way. AT&T Wi-Fi service connects your laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled device (like iPhone), to an AT&T Hot Spot, enabling public wireless high-speed Internet access at speeds much faster than dial-up when you're within a 150-foot range of the public hot spot. There are hotspots in most Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, McDonald's, and many airports, cafés and restaurants.

Before signing up for an ongoing AT&T Wi-Fi service, you can actually try it by using AT&T Wi-Fi On the Spot which is a one-time connection available at AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots. This type of connection is available for a small one-time fee.

AT&T Wi-Fi Premier, AT&T Wi-Fi On the Spot, AT&T Wi-Fi Basic – Explained

AT&T Wi-Fi can be purchased as a standalone product or as a part of AT&T High Speed Internet Service. As a standalone product, this service is available in two ways:

  • AT&T Wi-Fi Premier
  • AT&T Wi-Fi On the Spot

As a part of other AT&T services, it is available as:

  • AT&T Wi-Fi Basic

AT&T Wi-Fi Premier is a paid service that includes AT&T Wi-Fi Basic, plus access to thousands of roaming partner hotspots (tens of thousands hot spots in total).
AT&T Wi-Fi On the Spot is available for purchase at any AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot nationwide. It’s simple – you buy it when you need it.
AT&T Wi-Fi Basic underlines the other two services. The Basic is included at thousands of hotspots, including U.S. company-operated Starbucks locations equipped with a hotspot.
AT&T Wi-Fi Basic is included into following AT&T services:

  • High Speed Internet Customers - AT&T Internet Plans
  • AT&T Wireless Customers - Smartphone customers with selected AT&T Wireless Devices and 3G data rate plans including the Smartphone $30 or higher rate plans (excludes Smartphone Enterprise 4MB plans). Qualifying Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone are listed at
    All Apple iPhone customers include AT&T Wi-Fi Basic service.
    AT&T BlackBerry customers with a $30 or higher BlackBerry rate plans (excludes BlackBerry Enterprise 4MB plans (Requires a qualifying Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry.) Additional restrictions apply. Learn more at:
  • AT&T LaptopConnect Customers - LaptopConnect customers with DataConnect service plans of $59.99 per month or higher. Learn more at:
    Additional restrictions apply. Subject to applicable AT&T Wi-Fi Basic terms and conditions. See for further details.