VoIP - Your Voice through the Internet

Discover the Advantages of AT&T VoIP Phone Service

The term VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a recent technology that allows Internet users to place voice calls over the Internet. This term may also be referred to as telephony, Internet telephony, or IP telephony.


With VoIP Internet phone service, you no longer need a phone to make voice calls. When you are logged on to the Internet, you can make use of your connection to call people anywhere in the world. This type of call is also cheaper, especially when you compare it to long distance voice calls.


VoIP calls are less expensive because they make use of the network that your Internet connection already uses. There is also no extra equipment to install, hence the lower costs. For this reason, calls made between one VoIP user to another are often free or cost a negligible fee. VoIP calls made to regular phones, or to a public switched telephone network (PSTN), cost significantly more, however.

VoIP to PSTN Calls

There are two ways VoIP users and PSTN users can converse with each other. One of the methods is known as direct inward dialing, or DID, which directly connects a PSTN user to a VoIP user. DID calling is provided by VoIP providers.


The other method for making VoIP calls to PSTNs, or vice versa, is through the use of access numbers. With this type of Internet phone service, PSTN callers input access numbers that correspond to a certain VoIP user's extension number in order for a call to be successful. Access numbers are usually charged as local calls, making it affordable for the PSTN caller and free for the VoIP user.

Who Uses VoIP?

VoIP Internet phone service is gaining popularity, and has been used by individuals and businesses alike. Thanks to the availability of high speed Internet service to individual users, VoIP technology is now available to anyone with a high speed Internet connection. If you want to order VoIP technology for your business, look for a VoIP provider, such as AT&T VoIP, who will provide you with plenty of options for making the most of your VoIP service. Some providers provide you with inbound and outbound VoIP calls worldwide, while some even allow you free unlimited calls to the United States and Canada.


Some providers, such as AT&T VoIP service, also provide customers with a separate phone jack for VoIP calls to increase the quality and make the reception almost the same as that of regular phone service. This type of VoIP service is fixed, and will only allow you to make calls from your home or wherever you have the phone jack installed. This way, you can still keep your existing phone number while taking advantage of VoIP technology.


If you want to take VoIP capabilities to a mobile level, there are providers such as Gizmo Project and Skype that allow you to make VoIP calls using any computer, anywhere in the world. With this type of VoIP Internet phone service, you can contact anyone and make voice calls no matter where you are.


Aside from individuals, major corporate organizations are also making use of VoIP technology. It's still a long time before most offices become fully VoIP-capable, but more and more businesses are taking advantage of VoIP.


If you already have AT&T Internet service, all you need to do is order VoIP AT&T phone service to begin enjoying the convenience and affordability that this phone service offers. AT&T is a leading provider of Internet phone service. Choose AT&T VoIP phone services and receive the highest-quality phone service available.

AT&T High-speed Internet

AT&T High-speed Internet provides an unparalleled transport medium for all the VoiP protocol - whether it be AT&T U-verse Phone service, or some other voice transport method such as Skype services. Check the list of AT&T High-speed Internet plans that would work with VoIP.